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Gapplegate Music review about Human Encore by Grego Edwards
Fittingly the music has a serious, sober, commemorative cast. Other than one collective improvisation, these are Martin Küchen compositions. The music is free, compositional, structured, passionate, anguished, moving. Much of the music is in a minor tonality, in keeping with the theme. This is music of intensity, of tenderness, rage and transcendence.

Florence Wetzel on All About Jazz about Human Encore
“All eight tunes are flat-out gorgeous, particularly the opening track, “A Desert on Fire, a Forest.” According to Küchen’s liner notes, the title refers to the horrific wars of the 1940s in both Europe and Palestine: “Those ‘fires’ have not been extinguished, on the contrary, there are more and more of them…do u feel the heat?” If not, this gut-wrenching tune will ensure that you do: McPhee’s tenor and Küchen’s baritone start off with mournful, pensive dirges that are profoundly disquieting and heartbreakingly lovely. The horns repeatedly intertwine and split off, coming back a little wilder each time.(…) It’s a marvelous tune, full of haunting sorrow and somber beauty.(…)

Human Encore is full of fiery brilliance, which is not surprising given the strength of the players involved.”

Guy Peters about Bruder Beda
weinig artiesten leggen zo’n passie aan de dag en slagen er in om te spelen met zo’n emotionaliteit als Küchen, wiens hyperexpressieve stijl en sound in staat zijn om zowel uitbundige levenskracht als pijnlijk verdriet uit te schreeuwen. Altijd gedacht dat moderne jazz iets was voor koude intellectuelen die muziek maken aan de hand van statistieken en wiskundige formules? Trespass Trio laat horen dat het ook anders kan.

Steff Gijssels about Human Encore
And the music? It is heartfelt, passionate, with four musicians giving their very best, getting the audience clearly on the edge of their chairs (…) the music is warm, welcoming and especially fierce and more uptempo in the middle part of the album.

Fans of Trio X will love this album, as much as fans of Trespass trio, confirming again that great musicians can find each other blindly, as long as they share the same musical vision, which is clearly the case here.
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