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With four studio albums under their belts in less than five years this explosive trio have gone from strenght to strenght gathering respect from both rock and jazz camps and receiving vivid praise from the likes of Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke and veteran writer Richard Williams, who started his report from the Berlin Jazz Festival with “a late-night gig last week persuaded me that Hedvig Mollestad Trio have found a way to make headbanging feel good”. Although there is enough riffing here to satisfy the headbangers, with “Black Stabat Mater” the trio are venturing into more free and open landscapes with Mollestad truly coming into her own as a solo guitarist as well as a riffmeister previously compared to the likes of Tony Iommi and Jimmy Page. It´s also notable that extensive touring has given them a confidence boost, and once again the tracks have been laid down live in the studio with only minor overdubs.

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If “Black Stabat Mater” can be seen as moving into new terrains, then “Evil In Oslo” can serve as a summing up of the previous years, although there is also a clear link between the albums. While the nine live performances presented here all come from their first three studio albums, most are lenghty workouts again showing Hedvig as a very confident and accomplished solo guitarist. Recorded at Oslo clubs John Dee and Buckley´s, “Evil In Oslo” is simply a kick ass live album (never thought we´d ever use that expression, but there you go), with a very high level of musicianship and a perfect balance between freedom and discipline. These hi-res recordings capture both the energy level and all the details in a marvellous way, and this is simply a must have for all HMT fans! Alternatively, it´s the perfect introduction for the curious newcomer. Liner notes by the Richard Williams.

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