New collaboration with Julien Desprez: ABACAXI

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photo by ABACAXI by Sylvain Gripoix

Julien Desprez is no stranger on the roster: he was part of Fire! Orchestra and Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain. Now we start working together with his new trio ABACAXI.
Julien Desprez (guitar), Jean Francois Riffaud (bass), Francesco Pastacaldi (drums/synth)
the remarkable new power trio Abacaxi—“pineapple” in Portuguese—summoned an exhilarating fresh sound, geared around maverick guitarist Julien Desprez. Elements of abstraction, snarly noise and prog mixed with the guitarist’s gymnastic, dance-like maneuvers on an array of floor pedals, including stage lighting controls. (…) Abacaxi is one of the more exciting, genre-blurring and multisensory new ensembles around. (Josef Woodard, DownBeat)
Tour periods: end of October 2021 in/around Austria + June 9-19, 2022.

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