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“Beyond the Margins”, the first album of The Bridge, will be released on Trost records October 20.

It is a registration of one of their first concerts, at Pardon, To Tu, Warsaw, October 2022.

You can already listen.

From the liner notes by Guy Peters:
(…) this band truly delivers: there is the level of interplay, the malleable sound these four conjure up; there is the freedom and the eagerness to push things forward; and finally, there is the tangible gravitas of their combined artistry. The band’s founder must have known what he was getting himself into.

(…) When they finally played, they did it with that untamed sense of control that you get when you find yourself in the company of artists who allow the music to move in the direction it needs. That is also what you hear on Beyond the Margins: the sound of four imaginative masters combining craft and bold imagination with patience and determination. Never gets old.

Tour periods of the Bridge: November 24-30, 2023; April 2-7, 2024; May 30-June 6, 2024; October 17-27, 2024.

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