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First album Rodrigo Amado The Bridge

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“Beyond the Margins”, the first album of The Bridge, will be released on Trost records October 20.

It is a registration of one of their first concerts, at Pardon, To Tu, Warsaw, October 2022.

You can already listen.

From the liner notes by Guy Peters:
(…) this band truly delivers: there is the level of interplay, the malleable sound these four conjure up; there is the freedom and the eagerness to push things forward; and finally, there is the tangible gravitas of their combined artistry. The band’s founder must have known what he was getting himself into.

(…) When they finally played, they did it with that untamed sense of control that you get when you find yourself in the company of artists who allow the music to move in the direction it needs. That is also what you hear on Beyond the Margins: the sound of four imaginative masters combining craft and bold imagination with patience and determination. Never gets old.

Tour periods of the Bridge: November 24-30, 2023; April 2-7, 2024; May 30-June 6, 2024; October 17-27, 2024.

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David Murray’s new quartet

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photo by Jules Allen

David Murray (saxophone & bass clarinet)
Marta Sanchez (piano)
Luke Stewart (bass)
Kassa Overall (drums).

After a week long sold out premiere at the Village Vanguard in New York (watch), David Murray’s new quartet is ready to tour Europe!
The combination of David Murray’s mastery along with the infusion of this powerful elite of the New York jazz scene is a force to be reckoned with. The fierceness of Marta Sanchez on the piano, the poetry and dexterity of Luke Stewart on the bass, and the driving pulse of Kassa Overall on the drums is a perfect fit for the leading saxophonist of his era.

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New Schlippenbach trio

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The Schlippenbach trio has been an institution on the European improvised music scene for over fifty years now. Von Schlippenbach started the trio in 1970, with Evan Parker on saxophone and Paul Lovens (in recent years Paul Lytton) on drums.

In 2020 the line-up of the trio changed, with clarinetist Rudi Mahall and Norwegian drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen joining Von Schlippenbach.

By now they played a few concerts together, and December 4-10, 2023 they will embark on their first Winterreise!

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Maja S.K. Ratkje & Stian Westerhus

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photo by Voldseth

In the last few years Maja Ratkje and Stian Westerhus had a few occasions to surprise audiences with their new acoustic program, built around a 19th century pump organ, fiddle, acoustic guitar, a hammer and their voices. It was described as “One of the decidedly strongest musical moments of the year”.

Recording to be released soon, and ready to go on the road!

Listen to the pre-release demo and watch them at Molde international jazz festival 2020.

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