Angles 9

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photo by Francesca Patella

Goran Kajfes– trumpet;
Magnus Broo – trumpet;
Eirik Hegdal – baritone + sopranino sax;
Mats Ă„leklint – trombone;
Martin KĂĽchen – altsax, leader;
Johan Berthling – bass;
Alexander Zethson – piano;
Mattias StĂĄhl – vibraphone;
Konrad Agnas– drums


Angles 9 brings suggestive melodies and a vibrant rhythmic pulsation. Emotional music it is, sometimes joyful and exhilarating, and in other moments full of sadness and pain.The compositions, by Martin Küchen, are simple and the improvised solos and collective passages can be complex as a mathematical equation. You can root it under the influence of historical big bands like Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath (the mix between the composed and the improvised, and also the African references), Carla Bley’s Jazz Composers Orchestra (the vivacity and the ability to make sudden changes) or Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra (the political element), but with fundamental updates and additions, going from the use of the typical energy of rock to Swedish folk motives and the kind of party sense you only find in the Balkan region of Europe.

The band has been slowly growing from Angles 6 in 2007, to Angles 8 in 2008, until in 2012 the Swedish band reached its present from with Angles 9. There have been occasions where they played as Angles 10, adding Kjell Nordeson on drums, as well.

The line-up can be flexible however, depending on occasion and availability.

“Martin KĂĽchen and his cohorts present us with big band music that frames grand and expansive moments within minimalist and quite improvisational borders. It is exhilarating, shiver-inducing music, but with a contemplative and spiritual thread passing through it.” – Antonio Poscic, Freejazzblog (Injuries)

Angles 9 come at you as a boisterous, mini big band, with poignant melodies, similarly captivating rhythms and deceptively unruly music that mines the tension between sorrow and joy, with winning results. (NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll)

“This was no less then a triumph. An exciting party of exaltation and color, an emotional roller coaster, a punch in the stomach. You don’t get them often as complete as this. Angles is the band of the moment that cannot be beaten.” (Guy Peters)

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