Angles 9

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photo by Francesca Patella

Angles 9:

Goran Kajfes– trumpet;
Magnus Broo Рtrumpet;
Eirik Hegdal Рbaritone + sopranino sax;
Mats √Ąleklint¬†– trombone;
Martin K√ľchen¬†– altsax, leader;
Johan Berthling Рbass;
Alexander Zethson Рpiano;
Mattias Ståhl Рvibraphone;
Andreas Werliin Рdrums


This is a band you must see live,¬†a ‚Äúnow or never‚Ä̬†experience. Angles 9 has performed at leading festivals¬†around Europe and¬†released several CDs and¬†LPs, earning them¬†fantastic reviews throughout¬†the¬†world. ¬†With their¬†insatiable¬†urge for¬†adventure, Angles 9 is ready to¬†meet new¬†audiences and¬†confront new challenges.

The music is strong, cohesive and simple, performed by sophisticated players who can make any table turn. Any musical idea can come into full force in a fraction of a second. Everything is there: pathos, playfulness, energy and a certain kind of bliss, strong and emotional, that hits the audience every time.

The compositions by Martin K√ľchen¬†are¬†drawn¬†from all kinds of influences:¬†a memory of a certain¬†instrument played during childhood;¬†modern,¬†lively jazz like Chris McGregor¬īs ‚ÄúBrotherhood of¬†Breath‚ÄĚ,¬†Carla Bley,¬†Charles Mingus¬†and¬†Lars¬†Gullin;¬†Balkan party music;¬†Swedish folk music;¬†watching female dancers in¬†West Africa¬†turning¬†the world upside down.¬†The mode of composition,¬†however,¬†is very distinctive throughout.¬†Be sure¬†not to miss this exhilarating experience!

“Martin K√ľchen and his cohorts present us with¬†big band music that frames grand and expansive¬†moments within minimalist and quite¬†improvisational borders. It is exhilarating, shiver-inducing music, but with a contemplative and¬†spiritual thread passing through it.‚Ä̬†– Antonio¬†Poscic, Freejazzblog (Injuries)

“This was no less then a triumph. An¬†exciting party of exaltation and color,¬†an emotional roller coaster, a punch¬†in the stomach. You don‚Äôt get them¬†often as complete as this. Angles is¬†the band of the moment that cannot¬†be beaten.‚Ä̬†Guy Peters (reviewing their concert in¬†Hasselt, Belgium)

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