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Rodrigo Amado The Bridge

Rodrigo Amado – tenor saxophone
Alexander Von Schlippenbach – piano
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – bass
Gerry Hemingway – drums

Rodrigo Amado about the name of the group: “Aside from the direct homage to Rollins, it really is a bridge between different languages, backgrounds and generations, all united through improvisation.” 

photo by Eckhart Derschmidt

Rodrigo Amado This is Our Language 4tet

Rodrigo Amado – tenor saxophone
Joe McPhee – saxophone, pocket trumpet
Kent Kessler – double bass
Chris Corsano – drums

This quartet, one of Rodrigo Amado’s pivotal projects, unites the Portuguese saxophonist with legendary horn player Joe McPhee, Chicago double-bassist Kent Kessler and young drum star Chris Corsano. Together they are taking Amado’s credo to “compose in real time” to new heights, bringing the universes of free improvisation and composed jazz closer together.

This is music by four strong individual players with room for eruptive solo-parts, but always held together by intense communication and interwoven with beautiful melodies. The quartet’s third album Let the Free be Men (Trost records 2021) got a big number of excited reviews. 
“No matter how spontaneous the response is, no matter how rich and ingenious the language used is; it is above all the warm-blooded and almost sensual decisiveness that underlines here that this quartet constantly plays with a clenched fist that is timeless.” – Guy Peters / Enola

“Rodrigo Amado adds another stunning entry to his discography with the third album from his This Is Our Language Quartet. The resultant blend of spontaneous free jazz is, by turns, refined, beautiful, exhilarating, heart-rending and belligerent… one of the finest bands around.” – John Sharpe / All About Jazz

“If you are not hip to Portuguese saxophonist Rodrigo Amado, where, as they say, have you been?” – Mark Corroto / All about Jazz

“On the furious opening track, “Resist!”, Amado’s immensely strong tenor dominates the ensemble, followed by McPhee’s querulous, distinctive tone on soprano; the track ends at a level of intensity rarely found even in free jazz.” – Andy Hamilton / The Wire

This is Our Language (2015, Not Two)
A History of Nothing (2018, Trost records)
Let the Free be Men (2021, Trost records)


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