New collaboration with Julien Desprez: ABACAXI

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photo by ABACAXI by Sylvain Gripoix

Julien Desprez is no stranger on the roster: he was part of Fire! Orchestra and Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain. Now we start working together with his new trio ABACAXI.
Julien Desprez (guitar), Jean Francois Riffaud (bass), Francesco Pastacaldi (drums/synth)
the remarkable new power trio Abacaxi—“pineapple” in Portuguese—summoned an exhilarating fresh sound, geared around maverick guitarist Julien Desprez. Elements of abstraction, snarly noise and prog mixed with the guitarist’s gymnastic, dance-like maneuvers on an array of floor pedals, including stage lighting controls. (…) Abacaxi is one of the more exciting, genre-blurring and multisensory new ensembles around. (Josef Woodard, DownBeat)
Tour periods: end of October 2021 in/around Austria + June 9-19, 2022.

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Paal Nilssen-Love CIRCUS

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At least one positive result of the travel restrictions caused by the corona pandemic: a new group put together by Paal Nilssen-Love for the Oslo World Music Festival.
With Juliana Venter (vocals), Thomas Johansson (trumpet), Signe Emmeluth (alto saxophone), Oddrun Lilja (electric guitar), Kalle Moberg (accordion), Christian Meaas Svendsen (double bass & bass guitar), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums & percussion).
Jungle fever in the circus: The cheering lifted the roof during this concert and it’s a miracle that we didn´t all descend to civil disobedience, kicked down the tables and started dancing. (Audun Vinger, Jazz i Norge).

We are planning an album release and Norwegian tour in November this year, and hope to bring this music out into the world in 2022!

photo by Malwina Witkowska
photo by Malwina Witkowska

Listen here

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Nate Wooley Seven Storey Mountain VI

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Large Unit starts donation for the 32 performers and dancers at Fendika in Addis Abeba

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In 2018 Large Unit joined forces with two Brazilian percussionists and singers and dancers from Ethiopia. The project premiered at Molde International Jazz Festival that same year. A movie has been made to give a taste of the collaboration. It is free to watch, but Large Unit has set up a donation campaign. Whilst artists all over the world are affected due to the restrictions imposed by the handling of Covid-19, the position of our friends in Ethiopia is especially difficult. The members of Large Unit have therefore agreed to give all donations as a result of the launching of this film to the 32 dancers and musicians at club Fendika in Addis Ababa. Donations can be made through PayPal.

Large Unit EthioBraz will tour Europe May 19 – 30, 2021.

Video by Filmstasjonen AS – Inge Schreuder-Lindloev, fnf.Rehearsal

Concert part 1:

Concert part 2:

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Live streaming

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In these difficult times with many cancellations there is some positive news as well: KAAP, in Belgium, organises live streams during the whole month of April.
Please watch Rodrigo Amado (April 23) and Martin Küchen (April 24) playing solo saxophone.
Concerts start at 20:00 >>>

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