Videos of Swedish Azz

Videos of Swedish Azz

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Swedish azz at Staranzano – Toots and Quincy

Swedish azz at Staranzano, Sep 2011 – stock och stein

at Dokkhuset, Trondheim, February 2012: Vals i Mejram:

in Östersund, February 2012: Umeapolska & Nybyg

With Gilbert Holmström at Nefertiti Göteburg March 2011: Foglarna

with Lars Gšran Ulander at Fasching February 2012: Umeapolska & Nybyggarland

With Gilbert Holmström and Gunnar Lindgren at Nefertiti Göteburg March 2011: Visa

with Georg Riedel and Lennart berg at Fasching February 2012

at Dunavfest Belgrade, September 2011

at Martinschlössl, Vienna, September 2011

rehearsing new piece at Baratuna, Belgrade, September 2011

at CK13, Novi Sad, September 2011

at Alchemia, Krakow Feb 2010

at Alchemia, Krakow Feb 2010

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