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2015 New Fire! Orchestra

Fire orchestra by Micke Keysendal

Fire! Orchestra by Micke Keysendal

In 2015 Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin are writing new music for Fire! Orchestra. The sound will be different from the present version of the Orchestra, and the line-up as well.
Of course we are still open for opportunities to perform ‘enter’ with the big 28-piece beast!

The new line-up:

Mats Gustafsson – tenor sax; Johan Berthling – el bass; Andreas Werliin – drums; Mariam Wallentin – voice; Sofia Jernberg – voice; Anna Högberg – alto sax; Mette Rasmussen – alto sax; Jonas Kullhammar – bass sax; Goran Kajfes – cornet; Niklas Barnö – trumpet; Mats Äleklint – trombone; Per-Åke Holmlander – tuba; Hild Sofie Tafjord – french horn; Andreas Berthling – electronics; Finn Loxbo – guitar; Julien Desprez – guitar; Martin Hederos – keyboard; Mads Forsby – drums

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Mats Gustafsson 50!

Mats Gustafsson 50 Anniversary!

Atomic with new drummer Hans Hulbaekmo on tour in October

Atomic Hulbaekmo ©Francesco SaggioHans Hulbaekmo was thrown to the lions when playing his second concert with Atomic for a critical audience at the Oslo Jazzfestival, in his hometown. But everybody agreed that he did a great job!
Special attention was directed to the group’s new drummer. (…) Hulbaekmo was totally aware of the music and immersed in the driving flow so characteristic of Atomic. (Salt Peanuts)
You can check Hans out in October, playing in Beirut, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Italy. See under ‘Upcoming events’

Photo by Francesco Saggio 


New drummer Atomic

After 13 years behind the drums, Paal Nilssen-Love has decided to leave Atomic and focus more on other projects. For Atomic this was sad news, but also an opportunity to get some fresh blood in the unit. The choice fell on the young and talented Hans Hulbaekmo.
Atomic with Hans by Sergio MerinoDespite his young age of 24, Hulbaekmo has made a big impact on the Norwegian jazz scene and shows a musical maturity far beyond his years. He was thrown to the wolves when after only a one-hour soundcheck he played with Atomic for the first time in Narbonne, France, last July 21st.
The result exceeded the expectations of the other band members and they are very happy to welcome Hans Hulbaekmo as the new drummer of Atomic.

The first opportunity to catch the new line-up is at Oslo Jazzfestival, August 12. There is a European tour in October and CD-release tours in the US and Europe in 2015.

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